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8 Fashion Tips to Elevate your Style this Summer

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Do you have mixed feelings about summer? This amazing season comes with stunning fashion wear and sweltering heat. Comfort and style become difficult to balance during summer. That is why this season needs extra attention. And when you are on the lookout for these fab summer wear, check out Polago Clothing. The affordable luxury apparel brand for women offers a wide range of summer tops for women. The diverse collection of tops with various designs, colors, and styles is a testament to the brand's promise of delivering unique fashion wear.

How to be a fashion diva this summer?

Are you ready to grab the spotlight this summer? Well, checking out Polago Clothing is your best choice. We offer a vivid collection of summer tops for women. High on style and comfort, we deliver premium-quality fashion wear that elevates your look instantly!

Check out these tips to make a style statement during this warm weather –

1. Choose light colors

You must have heard your grandmother advising you to wear light-colored clothes during summer. They are not exactly wrong! Wearing light-colored clothing aids in reflecting the rays of the sun. As a result, you don’t have to worry about higher body temperatures and comfortability.

Now, light-colored doesn't only indicate whites. You can play around with a lot of colors, such as peach, light blue, light green, etc.

2. Go full-sleeve

Some people might not like full-sleeve tops or clothes during summer. The reason is the prevention of maximum airflow. However, with full sleeves, you get an added advantage. The full sleeves of the top protect you from the blazing rays of the sun.

On the other hand, if you feel suffocated by full-sleeve tops, you can check out sleeveless ones too.

3. Avoid tight clothes

The best way to remain fashionable amidst the hot weather is to avoid tight clothing. Instead, opt for loose-fitting clothes. For instance, you can opt for stylish chiffon tops for women. If you love crop tops, experiment with styling these tops with oversized coats or shrugs.

4. Opt for breathable fabrics

Fabrics play a significant role in making you feel comfortable during the summer. The fabric might not make much difference for the rest of the seasons. But for summers, choose breathable fabrics. For maximum comfort, choose cotton, linen, silk, etc. You can choose other types of fabrics too. Keep in mind that comfortable clothes will help you keep cool amidst the sweltering heat.

5. Experiment with tops

Do you love wearing tops? Now is the perfect time for some experimentation. If you have never played around with fabrics, this is an ideal time. You can try out stunning georgette tops or cotton ones. The georgette tops for ladies are perfect for an evening date. Apart from fabrics, you can also choose different styles and designs. For instance, if you have never gone sleeveless, try that. Be bold in your approach, and you will find that the fashion world has a lot to offer!

6. Ditch the heels

The next tip that can make you the eye-catcher of the party is footwear. This summer, get rid of those high heels (though they are gorgeous). Instead, opt for flats or wedges. If heels are an absolute necessity, choose low heels to match your outfit. Give your legs some well-deserved rest while you party your heart out.

Are you looking for casual tops for women this summer? Look no further! You have come to the right place. Polago Clothing is a passionate fashion label committed to offering fashionable yet comfortable apparel to women. We offer trendy yet affordable fashion wear for all occasions!